Project Name
Runway 16/34 Rehabilitation Phase 3.2a
  • Dublin Airport Authorities
Main Contractor

Balfour Beatty

December 2019 – September 2020

Works Completed include:

  • Breakout 9,000m2 PQ concrete taxiway.
  • Recycle broken concrete material for re-use as structural fill.
  • Bulk excavation to formation level of 10,000m3 including disposal to a licensed facility.
  • Bulk fill of taxiway of imported and recycled 6f2 circa 7,000m3.
  • Installation of 375mm foul gravity pipeline approx. 3.5m deep over 200m.
  • Bulk excavation of shoulders to widen taxiway 3.5m on either end and disposal of approx 2,500m3
  • Installation of Gatic slot drain circa 330 lm
  • Installation of AGL Ducting circa 1,000 lm