Project Name
Ballinglanna Residential Development, Glanmire, Co. Cork
  • O’Flynn Group
Main Contractor

Rossmore Civils

March 2019 – May 2020

Works Completed include:

  • Construction of circa 50m of 900mm ductile iron storm outfall pipework with outfall chamber to the Glashaboy River including the construction of a circa 7m deep concrete stilling chamber, with excavation in rock.
  • Installation of 670m of both 500mm and 600mm ductile iron watermains with associated fittings and chambers.
  • Installation of 225mm, 375mm, 450mm, 600mm and 1200mm surface water drainage pipework with manholes and road gullies at locations throughout the site.
  • installation of a 1200mm storm drain crossing under an existing live 600mm asbestos watermain. To complete this work, a specialist drilling rig was engaged to drill approx. 4m below existing ground level. A steel frame was then constructed through the drilled opening to facilitate the installation of the 1200mm pipework, whilst ensuring that the 600mm watermain remained live at all times.
  • Installation of circa 130m of 300mm and 400mm foul drainage pipework in a live, public road with traffic management and half road closure.
  • Construction of 40m long StoneTerra retaining wall system with all associated backfilling and drainage works.
  • Construction of new, single lane carriageway public road to replace the existing L2998 roadway.
  • Construction of new site entrance including roadway, footpaths, cycleways, traffic lights, drainage and ducting.