Project Name
Project Sliothar – CLN 5-6
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Blu – 3

May 2019 – December 2019
  • Installation 7,500m2 of permanent access roads and associated drainage to comply with the master logistics plan for the site.
  • Installation of over 36,000m2 of site yards and pedestrian walkways.
  • Disposal off site in excess of 30,000m3.
  • Full construction of a large scale temporary substation building as per ESB specification and trenching / installation for over 5,400m of a temporary power network to feed the entire site including construction of various chambers and pull pits.
  • Enabling works for the main accommodation block – site prep, foundations, car parking, paths and all associated utilities. Installation of 2 nr. permanent culverts and 4 temporary culverts. Construction of 3 nr. cast in-situ LV chambers located on the temporary power network.
  • Trenching and installation for over 1,000m of a temporary lighting network primarily for car parks and main access.
  • Trenching and installation for over 3,200m of a temporary watermain network to feed the entire site.
  • Installation of 80,000 litre potable water storage tank, pump booster set and kiosk and all associated civil works.
  • Trenching and installation for over 1,300m of a temporary foul system for the new accommodation block. Installation of a 70,000 litre foul storage tank.