Project Name
NRH – Rehabilitation Unit
  • National Rehabilitation Hospital
Main Contractor

John Paul Construction

October 2017 – October 2018

Works Completed include:

  • Site Clearance: 5,000m2, Bulk Excavation: 50,000m3 going up to 10m deep, including contaminated soil.
  • Disposal of material on site 18,000m3.
  • Broken concrete onsite: over 2,500m3 including disposal off site.
  • Installation of 2,000m of Storm Water pipe work up to 5m deep and over 80 manholes.
  • Installation of attenuation system with over 5,000m3 excavation in contaminated soil.
  • Installation of 1,700m of Foul lines and live connections, up to 5m deep with over 80 manholes.
  • Installation of 350m of land drain up to 5m deep.
  • Installation of 400m of cavity drain.
  • Installation of 4nr petrol interceptors.
  • Installation of 900m Class C MDPE Watermain.
  • Attendance for installation of over 300m of gas main.
  • Installation of 8,500m of ducting, on site, in the existing hospital and connection to public roads.