Project Name
Holiday Inn
  • Cara Shore Hotels
Main Contractor


November 2018 – June 2020

Works Completed include:

  • Site Clearance 12,000m2.
  • Topsoil Strip and disposal of site 12,000m2.
  • Bulk excavation and Disposal offsite 15,000m3.
  • Installation of Piling mat and excavation of Pile caps.
  • Installation of Storm and Foul Drainage 1,500m.
  • Installation of 150mm water main and connection to existing. 300m.
  • Under slab drainage and Services.
  • 1,000m3 Attenuation tank, incl. installation of temp sheet piles to allow tank to be installed on site boundary.
  • Bulk excavation of underground water tank and backfilling 1,500m3.
  • Deep drainage road crossing, across public road to facilitate connection to existing services.
  • Ducting for signage and street lighting.
  • ESB Ducting and connection to existing substation.