Project Name
Apron Rehabilitation Phase 4
  • Dublin Airport Authorities
Main Contractor

Balfour Beatty

November 2018 – March 2019

Works Completed include:

  • Bulk excavation of Rubblised PQ concrete and inert material 17,850m3.
  • Site Clearance of existing underground services 11,000m2.
  • Disposal of inert material off Site 11,910m3.
  • Processing of Excavated PQ concrete for re use to 6f2 Material 6,320m3.
  • Bulk filling operation 9,918m3.
  • Installation of 375mm Concrete Storm line and tie in to Cuckoo River (Underground Culvert 4m deep) 120m.
  • Installation of 5 No. RC Manholes to F900 Spec.
  • Installation of Gatic Slot drain with RC concrete surround 100m and connection to existing.
  • Hand Lay Pavement Quality Concrete to Apron 5,530m2.
  • Installation of AGL ducting and Chambers 350m and 15 No. Chambers.
  • Excavation of and Attendance to installation of fuel pipeline 200m.