Project Name
CLN 1,2 &3 – Data Centres, Clonee, Meath
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Blu – 3

February 2016 – To date
  • Construction of site lay down areas for Contractors totalling over 50,000m2.
  • Supply and installation of temporary services to site accommodation and welfare facilities totalling over 3km.
  • Completing a road upgrade to the Kilbride road including realignment of existing and construction of new carriageway including road construction, surfacing, extensive services installations and traffic management systems in a public environment and live traffic environment to meet TII specifications while working in conjunction with Meath County Council and Irish Water.
  • Removal of 180,000m3 of spoil from site to licensed facilities.
  • Relocation of 70,000m3 of top soil on site for re-use.
  • Construction of ESB switch room and installation of over 5km off ducting for temporary power supply.
  • Construction of a new emergency fire access point onto Damastown Drive including service installations, culvert construction, and surfacing works while working in conjunction with Fingal County Council.