N7 Nenagh to Castletown Road Scheme

Rossmore Civils working on the N7

Client: BowenSomague JV

Contract Value: Approx €3 million

Duration: 2009 to 2011


Snagging 35km of Motorway

Laying of new pipe line, 300mm dia. P.C. concrete.

  • Piperun: 220m, Avg. Depth: 4.5m. Pipe laid in existing carriageway. 9 no. 1050 dia. P.C. Concrete manholes.

Excavation and laying of herringbone drainage in mainline and sliproad batter.

  • Total Length; 835m, Avg. 2m deep

Reinstatement of existing tip facilities at various locations along mainline.

Bulk excavation and placing of capping at new structure locations.

Complete mainline drainage upon removal of earthworks plugs at structure.

1200m of 225/300mm dia. Carrier drains at side of Mainline.

Ducting at various locations along mainline.

Excavation of storm water retention ponds.

Installation of storm-water attenuation tanks.

Main line ducting

Top soiling of embankments

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