Boston Scientific Cork

New Medical Devices Facility

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

Rossmore Civils rockbreaking operations at Boston Scientific

Rossmore Civils crushing rock at Boston Scientific

Rossmore at Boston Scientific

Rossmore Civils work on Attenuation Tank at Boston Scientific

Attenuation Tank Works at Boston Scientific by Rossmore Civils

Main Contractor: PJ Hegarty

Project Duration: February 2012 to December 2012

Project Description:

Site Clearance: 17,000m2

Bulk Excavation: 18,000m3, including 12,500m3 of limestone rock

Process excavated rock onsite: 7,900m3

Disposal offsite: 9,500m3

Imported Fill to: 3,000m3

Imported Fill for Roads: 2,300m3

New Roads and carparks: 15,100m2

New Storm Water pipe: 1,400m

New precast manholes: 33 nr

New Foul water pipe: 400m

New precast manholes: 11 nr

1 nr storm water attenuation tank

2nr petrol interceptor

Class C MDPE Watermain: 372m

Excavation of foundations: 1,600m3

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